"Excellent home cooked food in modern friendly environment." We look forward to our visits to The Artisan, the staff are always friendly and the books and toys at the back of the cafe keep the children happy whilst we enjoy the excellent cakes and coffee.
Trip Advisor, Customer, November 2011.

First and foremost, there was only one way to start the day-with a cup of coffee and a pastry from the Artisan, where the decor is Homes and Gardens meets Good Food, the menu is excellent and the staff are pleasant.
Bryony Vale, Staffordshirelife, September 2011

"A slice of elegance" I visited 'The Artisan' 3 times during my stay in Eccleshall and will defiantly be going again! The food is scrumptious, homemade and with locally sourced ingredients. The décor is delicate and perfectly balanced for leisurely afternoons with tea and cake! I found the staff to be both friendly and attentive even at the most busy periods. I highly recommend eating at 'The Artisan'.
Trip Advisor, Customer, August 2011.

A good quality coffee shop enhances a High Street attracting additional customers and retaining existing customers for longer. In Eccleshall we're fortunate to have a great coffee shop with the Artisan and many of us local businesses have benefited from additional trade as a direct result. I'm also a regular at The Artisan and have been for a few years now. I can particularly recommend the excellent home cooked/baked foods and can't think of another coffee shop that even comes close. The standards are high, the service is great and I can highly recommend the high quality banter!
Tim, Customer, 2011

The opening of The Coffee Shop in 2007 was timely for us, being the year Milly was born. Finding somewhere we received such a warm welcome (even with a buggy) was a refreshing change. Since then, when we get a spare half hour, there's nowhere else we'd rather visit. For me the wonderful coffee, for Millie the fantastic cakes, and of course the lovely staff, make the Artisan our favourite place – call in if you're passing and see for yourself!
Erica and Amelia, Customer, September 2011

The Artisan is one of those gems you hope to find on holiday, but how lucky we are to have it right on the doorstep. Freshly made gorgeous cakes everyday, lunch using fresh local ingredients and great, no really great coffee! Claire and her wonderful team always give us a warm cheery welcome. It's so pleasant and comfy you don't want to leave. We have been known to rendezvous here on our way home from Wales – need we say more!
Maggie and Tony, Customer, 2011

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